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We are one of the only full-service law firms in Eastern Ontario with 30+ lawyers across 13 different practice areas. Unlike general practice lawyers, each one of our lawyers was handpicked for their expertise in the type of law that they practice. You can trust that you are getting the quality service that you deserve.

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Why Choose Cunningham Swan?


We’ve been around 125+ years and in that time, we have encountered thousands of clients with a wide array of problems that we have helped them solve. Our experience allows us to quickly and skillfully navigate both simple and complex legal problems.


Often, interactions with the legal system are unplanned, intimidating, and quite confusing. We understand and are committed to providing our clients with regular updates on their case in plain English. We encourage you to ask any questions that arise throughout the process and will provide as much support as you need.


Kingston is home to our neighbors, local businesses, and social services that we have been a part of for so many years. We combine legal expertise with an understanding of the local community and what makes it unique, allowing us to effectively support you and your matter.


We take great pride in finding and retaining top talent who are passionate about their work and their clients. Whether you are working with one of our lawyers or one of our professional staff, you can expect quality service and reliable communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you know the practice area or lawyer that you’d like to work with, you can reach out to them at the contact information associated with their Practice Areas page. If you aren’t sure what support you need, you can always reach out to our general line at 613-544-0211 or by email at [email protected]. We will ask you some questions and direct you to the appropriate team. From there, they will review your situation and provide you with a quote.

No. We are a full-service firm which encompasses 13 unique and experienced practice areas. Each practice area has lawyers working within it who have spent years becoming experts in that type of law.

Yes, you can request a specific lawyer at Cunningham Swan upon your initial inquiry. A large proportion of our clients, both businesses and individuals, return to work with the same lawyer at a later date. We have a team of ~30 lawyers who are incredibly experienced in their field. Upon locating the practice area under which your matter falls, you can view which lawyers practice in the area you need. All lawyers have a full bio which we encourage you to review. If you have no preference which lawyer you work with, please call our offices at 613-544-0211 and we will be sure to match you with the appropriate person or team.

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