Mirror and Mutual Wills – Presentation Slides

Desiree Smith
Posted August 9, 2017 Category: Individuals/Families

Back on June 19th I wrote a blog post about shared estate planning where two people enter into “reciprocal wills”. What is meant by reciprocal wills is that two people leave their estates to each other with a gift to the same recipient(s) when they are both gone – in Ontario this includes what that are commonly referred to as “Mirror Wills” (also referred to as “Just Trust Me” wills) and the more rigorous “Mutual Wills” involving an agreement between the parties to not change their Wills without the consent of the other party and not at all after one party’s death.

I recently gave a presentation on the distinction between Mirror Wills and Mutual Wills and the PowerPoint slides may be of interest to those that read the previous blog.

The slides can be found by following this link: Rammage v Roussel Estate:
Blurring the Lines Between Mirror and Mutual Wills

Desiree Smith
Posted August 9, 2017 Category: Individuals/Families

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